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Alisha Attella-Sevier



Alisha Attella-Sevier is a yoga instructor based in Long Beach, CA who has been practicing yoga since 2008. She was inspired to teach after seeing the positive impact that a regular yoga practice had on her own life, as well as that of her pre-teen children, friends, and parents. Her studies in psychology, philosophy and anthropology influence her approach to asana and meditation, developing themes which encourage students of all ages and levels find their path on their unique journey, and connect to their breath to cultivate their unique experience of yoga.

Alisha received her 220 hour yoga instructor certification from Kava Yoga including training in asana, Ayurveda, Yogic philosophy, meditation, Pranayama, hands-on adjustments, Iyengar strap wall and prop implementation, and the art of teaching; all informed by the teachings and methods of B.K.S. Iyengar. Additionally, she has received training in prenatal yoga & labor preparation, postnatal yoga, Ayurveda and nutrition for pregnancy and fertility through Bliss Baby Yoga in Australia, and she is certified in Fertility Yoga through Yoga Gro in the UK, making her the only certified Fertility Yoga specialist between Los Angeles and San Diego. She's also certified through Allwoman as a postnatal yoga instructor. 

Alisha maintains a current certification in CPR, First Aid, and AED use. She is also a certified Reiki healer, EarSeeds and acupressure practitioner, DoTERRA Wellness Advocate, and former professional chef, all of which she incorporates into her work with clients.

Alisha Attella-Sevier is available for group and private training and consultation, including home visits for postnatal parents. She is committed to providing a safe and fun environment with each new client, creating a specialized session or practice that speaks to their individual goals and can serve to enrich their lives, on and off the mat.


Private Zoom Session

In this brave new world of ours we've had to find new ways to approach our lives, and retool how we spend our time, interact with the outside world, and gauge what's truly important.


Enter Zoom! I'm delighted to offer private sessions to help you create your own home yoga or meditation practice--suited to your experience level, needs, and goals.


I truly believe that some of the best work we can do is quiet and personal, comfortable in our own space, alone with our breath.


Reach out and let me know what you need. I'll look forward to meeting you!

Fertility Yoga

Zoom Sessions Available!


Research shows that struggling with fertility challenges creates a level of stress which is on par with fighting cancer.

Fertility yoga combines asana, pranayama, nutrition, meditation, and lifestyle to reduce stress, balance the body's systems, and create ideal conditions for conception to occur, and to be prepared for whatever the future holds for your family.

Whether you are still planning to begin your family, have been trying to conceive, or are currently pursuing ART methods, the unique practice of fertility yoga is here to help.

Prenatal Yoga & Labor Preparation

Zoom Sessions Available!


Prenatal yoga is a gentle and drug free way to alleviate the aches and growing pains of pregnancy while nourishing the pregnant body and baby, both physically and emotionally.

Whether you can't make it to a studio, or you just prefer the individualized attention of a one-on-one session, book today and look forward to finding relief and ease!

Looking to book a prenatal or labor preparation class for your group? Just send an email inquiry through the form below!

Postnatal Yoga

Zoom Sessions Available!


Book a session to focus on postnatal recovery, hormone balancing, and emotional health- all in the privacy of your own home (and in your comfiest clothes). 

Gift Certificates

Hand Personalized Gift Certificates Available for all Zoom Offerings.


And of  course, they will be valid when we are able to meet in person again!

Yoga Party!

Kids or adults, birthday party, baby shower, or bachelorette weekend, I can build a yoga party that's perfect for your group dynamic and individual needs. 

Let's get started and plan your perfect day! 

Parent & Baby Yoga

Need a perfect way to get your group back together after the babies have arrived?

Book a parent & baby yoga session for up to 10 grown-ups and their munchkins!

Group Sessions

Download my 

monthly schedule here


Alisha is great at instructing proper technique and adjusting my positions so that I felt really good in the poses! Such a fun class!


Nicole S.

I loved how Alisha gives explanations of the meaning behind the pose names, it made it seem more important why we use these poses, and the history of them! I was totally excited that I got to try handstand! I had never done this before and I felt really supported. Bonus: We even got to use essential oils!

Meaghan M.

I really like Alisha’s Imagery and theme and how she incorporates it throughout the class. She is knowledgeable about the postures and has a nice way of getting us in and out of the poses.  Alisha kept the class moving while being mindful of corrections and giving the postures time to breathe.

Terry B.

Doing yoga hasn’t ever been an easy task until I was instructed by Alisha. In my experience her knowledge and ability to teach are second to none. She made me feel completely comfortable and was very helpful in achieving the correct position in poses. 

I was diagnosed with Gout at age 25 and it has been nothing short of a struggle. Desperate for a natural healing method beyond supplements, acupressure on my feet and legs is the best thing I’ve experienced. After one session I am a true believer. 

Joshua M.

Alisha is an amazing, patient teacher. She teaches the movements in a very easy to understand way but still managed to convey the little details that were important for each position. I had such a great experience and it really got me excited about yoga. I can’t wait for another class!

Rob S.

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